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This is a table of contexts of the materials obtained from the Grace Amadon Collection (Collection 154) received from the Center for Adventist Research in the James White Library at Andrews University.  The content amounts to approximately 3,000 pages.  While it is not possible to post all of it on the website, a listing of the contents gives an idea of the magnitude of the collection.

Table of Contents

Box 1, folders 1-8: Correspondence

  • F. W. Albright
  • M. L. Andreasen
  • Glen H. Draper, Astronomer, USNO
  • LeRoy E. Froom
  • T. Olmstead
  • Edwin R. Thiele
  • H. A. Washburn
  • With various astronomers
Box 1; folder 9:  Articles
  • "Ancient Jewish Calendation."  Original manuscript of the published article which appeared in Journal of Biblical Literature, LXI, part IV, 1942.
  • "Ancient Jewish Calendar Construction II."  Original manuscript of the published article which appeared in Ministry, April, 1944.
  • "Ancient Jewish Calendar Construction [I]."  Unpublished paper.
Box 1; folder 10:  Studies
  • The Ancient Jewish Beginning of the Year
  • Chronological Outline – Table X
  • The Jewish Regnal Year: Neo-Babylonian and Persian Periods
  • The Place of Chronology in Our Modern System of Bible Study
  • The Jewish Calendar in the Fifth Century B.C.
  • Jewish and Babylonian Time-Keeping in the Sixth Century B.C.
  • A Restudy of the Assuan Papyri with a View of Determining the Synchronism of the Various Calendars in Use during the Persian Period
  • The Assyrian Eponym List
  • Early and Latter Rain

Box 1, folder 11

Studies of Old Testament Synchronisms

Box 1, folder 12: Tables

  • Comparative Chronologies of Neobabylonia, Persia, Egypt, and Israel, 627 B.C. – 443 B.C.
  • Construction of Aramaic Calendar in Time of Ezra and Nehemiah
  • Analogue of Ancient Egyptian, Jewish, and Macedonian Dates
Box 1, folder 14:  Flood Calendar
  • The Flood Chronicle
  • Tables related to the dating of the Flood

Box 1, folder 15:  Mosaic Calendar

Box 1, folder 16:  Ezekiel Calendar

Box 2, folder 1: Articles

  • “Important Passover Texts in Josephus and Philo.”  Original manuscript of the published article.
  • “The Johannine Synoptic Argument.”  Original manuscript of the published article.
Box 2, folder 2: Research Papers
  • The Crucifixion Date: A Bible and Calendar Argument
  • The Crucifixion Date
  • Date and Hour of the Crucifixion Passover
  • Three Days and Three Nights
  • Historical Confirmation of the Crucifixion Calendar
  • Chronology of the Seventieth Week
  • Chronology of Paul’s Last Journey from Europe into Asia
  • The Prophetic Era
  • Characteristics of Mosaic Luni-Solar Calendar

Box 2, folder 3: Spirit of Prophecy Passover Argument

Collection of Spirit of Prophecy Quotations related to the Passover

Box 2, folder 4:  Assorted Papers

  • Report of Committee on Historical Basis, Involvement, and Validity of the October, 22, 1844 Position (Part V)
  • Comments on the 1844 Chronology
  • Millerite Computation of the October 22 Date
  • How the Millerites Chose October 22
  • Courageous Action of Millerites on “Jewish Calendar” Problem
  • Brief Review of the New Views Regarding Millerite Chronology
  • The 1844 Problem
  • Was the Year 1844 an Embolismic Year?
  • Andreasen’s Review of Millerites
  • Luni-Solar Time (A Reply to Andreasen)
  • A Luni-Solar Calendar in Harmony With the Millerite Reckoning
  • [Scientific] Verification of Millerite Dates – 1844
  • Table: The Variable Translation Period: An Interval of Lunar Invisibility Ushering in Each Jewish Month

Box 2, folders 5 and 6: Translations of various scientific documents

  • On Lunar Calendar
  • On the Crucifixion Date
  • Various Translation

Box 3, folder 6: Papers

  • Fifth Trumpet Early Turkish – Not Arab War I
  • Fifth Trumpet Early Turkish – Not Arab War II
  • Fifth Trumpet Early Turkish – Not Arab War II  (Seems to be a second version)
  • [Fifth Trumpet]  (Missing first pages)
  • Criticism of the Interpretation of the Seven Trumpets
  • The Turkish Empire I
  • The Turkish Empire II
  • The Turkish Empire
  • The ‘August 11’ Date
  • The Josiah Litch Prediction

Box 3, folder 7: Revelation Studies

  • Landmark of Prophecy I
  • Landmark of Prophecy II
  • Landmark of History – July 27, 1299 – No. 1
  • Landmark of History – July 27, 1299 – No. 2
  • Analysis of the Periods of the Revelation: A Study of Symbolism
  • Chapter Outline of the Revelation
  • Chapter Outline of the Revelation (second version)

Box 3, folder 8: Spirit of Prophecy Quotations on Daniel and Revelation (Compiled by Grace Amadon)

  • Quotations from the Spirit of Prophecy on the Prophecies in the Books of Daniel and Revelation
  • Symbols and Scenes in the Revelation as Mentioned in the Spirit of Prophecy

Box 4, folder 4: Papers

  • Amadon, Grace E.: “The Jewish Calendar in the Fifth Century B.C.”
  • Wood, Lynn Harper:  “The Relationship of the Jewish (Aramaic) Calendar During the Persian Period as Shown by the Assuan Papyri”


Box 4, folder 6: Correspondence

(Correspondence with Dr. R. A. Parker, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)

Box 4, folder 7:  Articles

  • Fraenkel, Dr. Abraham Adolf, “Against Extra Days!”, Journal of Calendar Reform,1942.
  • Weitz, Rabbi Martin M., “Time in Jewish History”, Journal of Calendar Reform, December, 1937.
  • Wilson, P. W., “Discussion of Leap Week”, Journal of Calendar Reform, March, 1935.

Box 4, folder 9:  Correspondence

  • Correspondence with Dr. Jean Nussbaum
  • Interviews with leading men in Paris and Rome on agitation for World Calendar reform

Box 5, folder 4:

Sharp, F. L., “The Year of Crucifixion,” The Evangelist, July, 1927.

Box 5, folder 6: Miscellaneous Correspondence

Box 5, folder 7: Charts and Tables (Revelation)

Box 5, folder 8:  F. C. Gilbert Materials

  • Preparation for the Passover: Preparation for the Sabbath
  • The Calendar: Especially as Related to the Tenth Day of the Seventh Month, 1844
  • On What Day of the Week Was Christ Crucified?
  • The Jewish Calendar
  • The Sign of the Prophet Jonas

Box 5, folder 9:  J. H. Wierts Materials 

  • Wierts’ Analysis
  • Some Correspondence

Box 6, folder 1:  J. H. Wierts continued

Reply/Criticism of the Wierts Analysis

Box 6, folder 3:

Quotations, Translation and Miscellaneous Materials Related to Karaite Calendar

Box 6, folder 4: LeRoy Froom’s Correspondence

Box 7, folder 1:  Report of Committee on Historical Basis, Involvement, and Validity of the October 22, 1844 Position

  • Froom, LeRoy Edwin, Part II
  • Wood, Lynn Harper, Part IV

Box 7, folder 2: William Miller’s Letters

Box 7, folder 5: Correspondence

  • R. L. Odom
  • The Watchman
  • Various others

Box 8, folder 5:

Original Moon Reckoning for A.D. 31

The following additional information was obtained from the Archives and Statistics Department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

    • Letter of Conveyance Concerning Report of the Committee on Historical Basis, Involvements, and Validity of the October 22, 1844, Position
    • Part I – Introductory Statement of Problem and Purpose
    • Part III – The October 22 Crisis, and Aftermath
    • Part IV – Date of Decree to Restore and Build Jerusalem
    • Part VI – Recapitulation, Conclusions, and Affirmatory Statement
    • Jewish Feast Cycle (1843 and 1844)
    • Millerite Understanding of Moon’s Translation Period
    • Instances of Short Translation Periods (Citations from Astronomical Authorities)
    • The Karaite Rules for Translation
    • Lunar Tables for 1842-1845: Compiled by Royal Observatory Greenwich, London, England, and copied at U. S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D. C.
    • Testimony of Leading American Almanacs for 1844 on Time of October New Moon
    • Conjunction of October 11, 1844
    • Uniform Witness of Millerites to “Change of Moon” on “Evening of October 11”
    Grace Amadon Biography
Grace Amadon Biography

Table of Contents

The Karaites

Ancient Jewish Calendar Construction  New!
(Original manuscript of published article from Ministry, April, 1944.)

Ancient Jewish Calendation  New!
(Original manuscript of the published article from Journal of Biblical Literature, LXI, part IV, 1942.)

The Jewish Regnal Year   New!

Brief Review of the New Views Regarding Millerite Chronology How the Millerites Chose October 22 Courageous Action of Millerites on Jewish Calendar Problem

Millerite Computation of the October 22 Date

The 1844 Millerite Time Problem

M. L. Andreasen's Letter

"When Gregory XIII reformed the calendar, the adjustment was made such that the vernal equinox should occupy the position assigned to it in the Easter tables . . .  (which) date . . . from about the third century.  The important point is that this adjustment placed the vernal equinox on a date that is purely arbitrary and not necessarily related to the date on which the equinox fell when the revision of the calendar by Julius Cæsar was made."  Dr. Spencer-Jones, Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London, Dec. 28, 1938.